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Treasury Management

Gain a competitive edge with services designed to streamline operations and help manage cash flow.

Business owners need to effectively manage their cash and mitigate financial risk to remain competitive. Our treasury management solutions help your team deliver maximum impact and efficiency by optimizing payments and cash flow, enhancing reporting and liquidity, and mitigating risk.



Simplify your payments process and integrate solutions to optimize cash flow.

Our comprehensive tools help speed up invoicing, sharpen expense oversight, and minimize payment errors, all while freeing up your accounts payable department to focus on business-critical tasks.

ACH Payments

Eliminate paper checks by originating electronic payments to any account in the U.S. Fast, secure, and commonly used for direct deposit of payroll, vendor payments, and tax payments.

Wire Transfer Services

Electronically originate one-time or recurring wire transfers, swiftly and securely, within the U.S. and overseas via eBanker or through a local branch.

Business Bill Pay

Schedule one-time, recurring, or automatic payments. View bills online and create payment rules associated by setting up e-bills.



Accelerate access to your receivables, increase operating efficiencies and provide your customers the flexible payment options with a treasury management receivable solution designed for the way you operate.

ACH Collections

Collect one-time or recurring payments automatically with ACH electronic collections offered through eBanker, our online banking treasury solution.

Remote Deposit Capture

Scan incoming checks and make same-day deposits via a secure internet connection with eBanker, our online banking treasury solution.

Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks on your schedule with a mobile device.

Merchant Services

Maximize profitability by offering more payment options to your customers with a comprehensive merchant processing solution.

Wire Transfer Services

Receive funds, swiftly and securely, within the U.S. and overseas.

Smart Safe Solution

Streamline cash-handling with a smart safe, a secured money management machine. Place cash throughout the day, and the safe electronically validates bills and transmits the balance to your business account. On a scheduled day, armored carrier picks up the cash.

Cash Vault

Reduce the risks that come with managing large volumes of cash and checks by arranging transport to our cash vault by armored carrier. Upon arrival, we will quickly and accurately process your deposit.

Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

Increase efficiency, minimize debt, and optimize interest-earning potential.

3-Way Line of Credit/Investment Sweep

Excess collected checking account funds over the target balance are automatically swept to pay a revolving line of credit, then move into an interest-bearing investment account. If the checking account needs funds it will look to the interest-bearing investment account first and the line of credit second.

Line of Credit Sweep

Use excess funds to automatically pay down loan balances and reduce monthly interest. If your account balance falls below your targeted level, we automatically transfer funds from your line of credit back into your account.

Investment Sweep

Begin earning competitive returns immediately by automatically transferring excess funds to an interest-bearing account each night. Because balances are fully liquid, you pull out cash whenever you need it. You set a target balance for your account, and we'll take care of the rest.

Zero Balance Accounts

Zero Balance Accounts are designed to help eliminate manual transfers, reduce idle cash, and prevent overdrafts. Maintain subsidiary accounts, such as a payroll account, at a zero balance while concentrating funds in your operating account for disbursements or investments.

Fees will apply. Contact our Treasury Management Officer to see if a sweep account solution is right for your business.

Contact Us About Liquidity Management

Sarah Williams
VP Treasury Management

(209) 320-7852

Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

Detect and prevent checks and electronic fraud with controls and monitors.

Positive Pay

Stop unauthorized payments with Positive Pay, an automated fraud detection treasury solution. Positive Pay automatically compares outgoing checks against an authorized list to identify discrepancies and ensure that only authorized checks are paid.

Payee Positive Pay

Stop fraudulent and unauthorized checks. With image-based Payee Positive Pay, authorized personnel can quickly determine whether to pay or return checks presented for payment.

ACH Fraud Filters

Protect from fraud by designating the types of authorized ACH transactions. ACH control measures help protect funds by blocking unauthorized ACH transactions.

eBanker Online Business Banking, Funds Management

eBanker Online Business Banking

Get a full view of your money and know where you stand financially.

Organize your finances, keep better track of payments, and access the information you need to make solid decisions.

Accounts and Activity

Real-time access to deposit and loan accounts. Up to 18 months of transaction activity, including check images – in one location.


Standard alerts help reduce the risk of fraud by staying on top of account, transaction, and user activity.

Download Activity

Customize a reporting package to meet your unique needs including .csv format, BAI, QuickBooksTM and more.


Turn paper statements on or off and view deposit and loan statements online.


Transfer funds between internal deposit and loan accounts, or accounts held with other financial institutions.

Loan Payments

Make loan payments and advances.

Business Bill Pay

Schedule one-time, recurring, or automatic payments. View bills online and create payment rules associated by setting up e-bills. Plus, enjoy the added peace of mind of dual approval to mitigate fraud.


Automate the process of ACH payments to pay bills and collect funds faster, including state and federal tax payments and various other ACH types.


Make high-priority payments, same day.

Positive Pay

Track the account status and monitor for fraudulent activity with our Positive Pay solution, including Payee Positive Pay enhancement.


Manage over 40 approvals related to entitlements and users, ACH file uploads, ACH, wire, and bill pay transactions, and more from a central location.

Banking on the Go

Manage accounts from your mobile device, including access to over 40 types of approvals, Positive Pay review and decisions and remote deposit capture.