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SecurLOCK Communicate

SecurLOCK Communicate protects cardholders by immediately alerting them of potential fraud on their card.

  • What is it?
    Effective and streamlined fraud engagement when and how you want it! SecurLOCK Communicate uses SMS/Voice/Email fraud alert functions to stop fraud through real-time consumer engagement.
  • What does it do?
    Real-time interactive SMS text. The bank absorbs the cost of data and message rates for domestic AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile customers (90% of mobile market) to make texts free to the end user.

    • Two way voice calls
    • Enhanced phone number authentication to prevent call spoofing for inbound calls
    • Interactive email notifications
  • What are the benefits?
    Prevent fraud through real-time card engagement.
  • Why does SecurLOCK Communicate matter?
    88% of fraud victims do not receive real-time fraud
    alerts which would assist with early fraud identification
    and prevention, despite 85% of the world owning
    mobile devices.

    SecurLOCK Communicate alerts cardholders quickly
    and in the manner they prefer to be contacted. Typical
    time of engagement after trigger transaction is less than
    30 seconds.

    Always remember:

    • Report a lost or stolen card to your financial
      institution immediately.
    • Never disclose information about your card in
      response to an unsolicited e-mail or request.
    • Keep your personal identification number (PIN)
      a secret. Do not disclose it over the phone to
      anyone – not even your financial institution.
    • Carefully review your account statements and, if
      available, frequently visit your online banking
      web site to look for unauthorized transactions.

For more info, visit the SecurLOCK FAQs.

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