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To learn more about online and mobile banking for personal and small business accounts click here.
For mid-size and larger business, click the links to right to learn more about eBanker or RDC.

For more information about any of these services contact your branch, visit, or call
Customer Service at 1.866.844.7500.

We are happy to help you set up any of these direct access services.


Banking by Appointment

For more consultative banking needs, we encourage you to make appointments to ensure we’re able to serve you as quickly and efficiently as possible. At this time, it would be best if you made appointments for:


To make an appointment, contact your branch or OVI Investment Representative. Together we will combat this situation for the good of the health and prosperity of our local and global communities. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Be healthy and stay safe.

Additional Resources

Fraud & Scam Prevention

With social distancing and more people working from home, more people are online than ever. Internet traffic is up more than 30%. Sadly, criminals exploit situations like this, so phishing emails and texts are surging as well. To protect yourself, be alert.

The most common types of scams will target you through bogus emails, texts, calls, direct mail, or in some cases, even someone showing up at your door.

Watch out for:

  • Debt relief offers from unverified and unsolicited sources.
  • Inspect email addresses. Never reply to emails or click on links provided from unfamiliar sources.

Come directly to us through our website, app, or phone numbers. If you’re unsure, be sure to verify websites and numbers by looking them up online.

Remember that Oak Valley and Eastern Sierra Community Bank will never call, email, or text you to ask for:

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Account or Debit card numbers
  • PINS
  • Online Banking usernames and passwords

Red Flags - beware of solicitors and offers that:

  • Instruct you not to trust the bank or to respond to questions from the bank in misleading ways
  • Pressure you to send money
  • Threaten you with law enforcement action against you or a family member
  • Tell you to purchase gift cards and provide codes as a form of payment
  • Ask you to cash a check for a stranger, send money via wire transfer, or pay someone through an online payment platform
  • Ask you to deposit a check that overpays for something you're selling, and then send the difference elsewhere
  • Tempt you to buy products online that seem too good to be true or hard to find, including COVID-19 testing kits, treatment, cures, vaccines, or personal protective equipment.

If you ever receive any suspicious communications, please contact us through your branch, our Customer Service portal, or at 1-866-844-7500 for assistance.

For other useful links, visit our Fraud and Scam Awareness page.

Together we can combat fraud and keep your finances and accounts safe.

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