Remote Deposit Capture

A fast and secure way to make deposits from your office, so your money starts working for you sooner.

Remote Deposit Capture is one of the newest innovations in the banking industry. Simply put, it allows your business to scan checks and transmit the scanned images or ACH-data directly to the bank for posting and clearing. That means the convenience of making deposits without ever leaving your place of business, your deposited funds are available sooner, and you save travel time, cost and risk! With a computer, an internet connection, and a check scanner available for purchase through the bank you can be one of the first businesses to benefit from this exciting new technology.

It’s easy! Checks you receive from your customers throughout the day can be scanned at your convenience to create digital deposits which are sent securely to the bank. We accept the deposit, post it to your account and expedite funds availability based upon your availability schedule.

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